sqn marksman

wing marksman

One of the actitives is shooting which cadets can do. Even though lots of discipline is involved, it is both exhilarating and enjoyable. Cadets learn how to shoot three types of weapon: Lee Enfield Mark 8, L98A1, L98A2. This skill is tested with Marksman Tests and Weapon Handling Tests.

Shooting Course (Cadet McNally)

Going on a shooting course was a great experience, and it was really good fun. My marksman skills improved during the course, making me more accurate on the shooting range.

Shooting Courses (Cadet Mann)

My first shooting course was at RAF Nescliff Training Camp, where I trained on the No. 8 .22 rifle. It was quite heavy, but a new experience. Both the food and accommodation were good. The officers were stern but good tutots. We were taught basic fact and how to use the weapon safely, fire it, disassemble it, clean it and re-assemble it.

My second course was similar, but using the L98 A2 Cadet General Purpose Rifle. This course was at RAF Swynnerton, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.




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